Tongsis Model, Price and Deals

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Trends selfie photos using tongsis (narcissistic stick) is now increasingly rampant. In fact, there are states if someone has done photo selfie with tongsis then that person has included people hanging out and with the times. Moreover tongsis current price is quite cheap and affordable.

Tongsis Model, Price and Deals

Tongsis aka narcissistic stick is one of the things that can make a photo more perfect selfie. Tongsis this is actually a monopod is still a family with tripods and other photographic accessories. Because of its booming, Dailymail such famous sites also did not hesitate to review it.

Tongsis very easy to use. You simply put the smartphone on top tongsis. You do not have to be afraid of your favorite smartphone to fall due on the top tongsis there is a special place to put the smartphone.

There are many models that you can purchase tongsis. It would be better if you buy a quality tongsis. Indeed tongsis quality has a more expensive selling price. The high price is sometimes affected by the materials used to make the tongsis.

You also have to understand if not all tongsis cheap poor quality. There are several models and brands of cheap tongsis with good quality. So you are not wrong in choosing tongsis, Carisinyal following will review some of the latest models and prices tongsis.

Model tongsis this one is very easy to use. Many people who choose to buy this tongsis models because it has an affordable price. Price tongsis this type on the market reasonably priced at around Rp 140 thousand. For those of you who want to have a cheap tongsis with excellent quality, better choose this product.

Type tongsis This monopod has a very strong frame. A strong framework is because the material used to make it have excellent quality. Now this will not be difficult if you are going to buy this product because it has a lot of people who sell it. You quite sure if the product you buy is genuine.

Tongsis this one has a very simple design. The main advantages of this product are owned by the Bluetooth that will make you more easy to take photos selfie. If you will buy this product, then you do not need a lot of cost because the price offered about USD 290 thousand. This price is practically very cheap if you look at the features and qualities of this product.

For those of you who have an iPhone are required to have a product tongsis this one. The materials used to make these products have excellent quality. Owned by Bluetooth is also very helpful to you.

The most important thing is to use this tongsis, then you can create the perfect photo selfie. Price batons narcissistic types are also not too expensive at around Rp 299 thousand. You can get these products easily because many online stores that sell these products.

Many people are complaining because it’s hard to get tongsis with a large size holder. But if you are keen and want to find can certainly get this tongsis. You have to make sure if you buy a product tongsis have strong material. With strong materials will make the tongsis products to be durable. Tongsis this type are sold at a price of about Rp 125 thousand.

Model tongsis this one is the most preferred models. It was due to the materials used to make this tongsis very strong and durable. Price “selfie stick” type is very cheap around USD 129 thousand.

Due to the great demand many many sellers who sell these products. You can easily get tongsis this type of on line store which many mushrooming nowadays.

Tongsis price is very cheap at around Rp 125 thousand. Although these products are cheap but still has a good quality. The shape and design of tongsis is also very simple and elegant look. Now there are many people who sell these products. The price offered is also sometimes vary depending on the quality of the materials used to make the tongsis.

For those of you who want to have tongsis with holder L size larger then required to choose this product. You will be very comfortable when using this product because the design is very elegant and made ​​of quality materials. Price narcissistic stick with L jumbo holder is also not too expensive. Enough with the Rp 139 thousand money you are able to bring these products to go home.

Tongsis bluetooth this one does have many advantages. One is in terms of the quality of Bluetooth, which is used bluetooth with the latest technology. If you will buy this product, then you should be wary because a lot of fake products on the market.

Typically, these counterfeit products are sold at a price that is relatively very cheap. Whereas the normal price tongsis this type reached Rp 270 thousand. So you do not be fooled if you buy this product better you buy the already reliable seller.

The first impression that you will see on this product is simple. Indeed, this product looks very simple and powerful. The price offered for this product is also very cheap, which is about 120 thousand dollars. No one if the product is in the category most in demand in the market tongsis Indonesia. Strong material in this product makes the frame extremely durable and not easily damaged.

You have to make sure if you buy tongsis product is in conformity with the requirements. It would be better if you look at the type of smartphone you have before deciding to purchase tongsis. If you buy any of these products tongsis then sometimes not corresponded to the type of smartphone you have.

You also have to look at the budget. If you have a limited budget to buy better tongsis you choose a cheap price. Whereas if you have a lot of budget, there is no harm tongsis you buy at a great price and has a complete feature.

In addition to buying tongsis, have a smartphone specially designed for photo selfie also would further enhance your shots. Therefore, please read our review of the best smartphones currently selfie.

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